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"REKAR PLAST" LTD has a main business the production of curtain wall, paneling from bond, ceramics, aluminum and PVC windows and doors, interior dividing walls, glass showcases, sunshades and metal structures.

Our partners are established suppliers of aluminum and PVC profiles at home and abroad: Reynaers, Etem, Schuco, Exalco, Alumil, Dimex, Rehau, Wink haus, Geze.

The company offers a wide range of products which are the solution of any type structural assignments.

There are available aluminum thermo systems, cold (no thermo), sliding type systems, folding systems and more. PVC systems are provided with all kinds of opening and the desired thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved by a variety from multi chamber profiles and glass types.

By its construction and design solutions "REKAR PLAST" LTD. makes it possible to fully meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Production has proven quality over time due to both the modern equipment, which available production facilities and the qualified staff of specialist.

In the DESIGN department of the company any client or architect gets competence based solutions of emerging structural issues.

The company has 26 employees and 3 persons are DESIGN department, 7 are in manufacturing and 16 installer, divided into 4 installation groups. We have 4 outsource installation groups.

The company is certified ISO 9001 since 2005.

"REKAR PLAST" LTD provides fully complete cycle of manufacturing to aluminum and PVC windows and doors and composite panels / bond. We have complete equipment for construction of facade systems which are offered on the market.

Production capacity of company is approximately 1500 square meters PVC windows and doors and approximately 2000 square meters of aluminum windows and facades on month.

"REKAR PLAST" LTD works with established manufacturers of glass and glazing, with proven quality, capable of high capacity production and are reliable partners.

We have our own facade scaffolding "Tobler" and capable of construction of height up to 50 meters and real area 2500 square meters.