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Powder coating

1. Manufacturing plant for powder coating of the company was established for treatment and painting of not painted aluminum profiles and metal. Assembly line allows powder coating already coated details. Assembly line allows painting already coated details. The preparation of detail is using the newest technology for chrome-less treatment from Henkel. This ensures flawless preparation and cleaning of raw profiles for coating and good adhesion of the paint to the profile.

2. For powder coating is used equipment of the world leader in the industry Gema, Gema Optiselect electrostatic guns and manipulators Gema Optigun.

3. Types of materials suitable for powder coating:
- Aluminum profiles
- Steel structures and details
- Ladders
- Handrails
- Steel doors
- Metal sheets
- Fences
- Automobile rims
- Tables, chairs
- Aluminum radiators
- Electrical panels
- Chandeliers
- Gutters

4. Maximum length of profiles for chrome-less treatment - 7,5 m

5. Overall dimensions of the oven:
Width: 0,50 m
Height: 1,40 m
Length: 7,70 m

6. The company works with powder paint, manufactured by leading companies in the industry: Akzo Nobel, Tiger, Neokem, DuPont, and Yotun.

7. We have on store approximately 130 color powder paint from RAL catalog and 60 types of structures, special effects, developed of the companies producing powder paint. We have ability to supply paint - 24 hours.

8. Also the company works with paint of clients.

9. Work time: weekdays from 8.30 to 17.30 hours.
Manufacturing Base: Varna city,ZPZ
Phone / fax: 052/61 63 67 0889/692111

10. The capacity of production is 1500 kg. powder coated profiles per day

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